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Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain-Chiropractor in a Bottle

We’ve all been in a position where a muscle will cause an ache and it just gets worse. And worse.

Then comes moaning.

Then, inevitably, a massage or chiropractic appointment.

Which brings relief, but then in less than a week it’s back to haunt you.

What if there was a way, to feed your body, to strengthen your muscles without exercise and reduce the amounts of visits one needs to a professional?

Is it possible?!

This was one of the first nagging questions presented to me during my Family Home Herbalist course.

I was in the chiropractor’s office weekly if not twice some weeks for Xavier’s adjustments. It got overwhelming!

Not to mention me. I would get severe muscle pain in my neck to the point of not being able to sleep because of a throbbing head. This required a massage first, then a chiropractic adjustment to release the muscles.

Don’t get me wrong! I love massages but I also like to keep cash in my wallet sometimes.

Reducing the number of visits needed sounded pretty great!

The Research

Disclaimer! I’m simply a family home herbalist which means I have studied herbs to the point of being able to safely treat my family and share my experiences. I’m not a doctor. Anything here is not intended to be used as a diagnosis, cure, or treatment. Always check with your doctor before mixing medications with herbal supplements.

During the herbalist course I took, I learned that the body is basically a blueprint.

Give your body what it needs and the pain will go away. Pain is just a signal that your body needs a certain nutrient.

So if you can figure out the root cause of your pain, figure out what plant has the properties and nutrients you need to alleviate the pain and VOILA…

What causes muscle pain?

Sometimes it’s a simple as having done a workout or having managed to dislocate a joint.

Other times it’s caused by inflammation in the body. This often presents as something that comes back regularly and cannot be fixed with one adjustment.

Or it can be caused by stress. FUNNN… Not…

Last but not least, infections can also be a culprit.

Once you’ve figured out your root cause it’s MUCH easier to determine what herbs to use, to help you fix the issue and not just apply a band-aid.

This often seems overwhelming.

It’s really quite simple! So don’t lose heart!

I’ve never been one to enjoy long-winded briefings and in-depth explanations of herbs. Which, is probably why my husband often looks at me cross-eyed, when my response to, “What does this do?” is a simple, “It helps what’s bothering you, trust me! I don’t know how it works. I just know it does.”

For the sake of those who love their research I will do my best to explain my reasoning behind the methods I chose, haha!

Self-Inflicted Soreness

When you’ve done a workout, you’ve overworked your muscles. Which can be insanely gratifying. Or it can be a pain to the point of skipping your next workout.

Either way, your body is crying out for nutrients to heal the muscles you have stretched or even torn to some extent.

This means you want to figure out what vitamins or minerals you’re body needs to heal muscles.

If the cause was exercise you don’t want to overdo herbs for inflammation but rather boost your body with muscle rebuilding things.

Like protein! Our bodies use protein to grow or build muscle.

Kelp is a herb that contains a lot of protein and is an excellent aid to help build muscle.

Taking some magnesium, to relax muscle contraction, helps ease pain without reducing the inflammation your body needs to bulk up faster.

Taking a daily multi-vitamin is helpful any time, sore or not but is especially beneficial when dealing with muscle soreness.

Hydration is another key point and will help with inflammation. If your body isn’t hydrated it can’t absorb the nutrients your taking well anyways. So drink up!

Minerals are so important when supporting the body! Making your own home-made electrolyte drink with Sea Salt is a great way to make sure you get minerals in. Kelp, again, is great for this too!


This is an extremely common cause. We as a people have a tendency to stress over every little disturbance that comes our way!

Taking a chill pill would serve this country greatly! Just sayin…

Until that glorious day, I had to find natural ways of helping me cope with stress, because this lady loves to stress over everthin’…

Not sleeping well, sitting on the couch, Netflix binging with potato chips, tension, all seem to stem mysteriously from stress.

So once you figure out that your just stressed, now you get to find herbs that support your nerves!

Exercising helps too. But, sometimes, we just need a little help to get off that couch and stop stuffing our face full of potato chips!

Herbs that support the nervous system are called nervines. There’s a ton of those!

Chamomile, lavender, skullcap, catnip and hops are all great and can help promote sleep. Sleeping can often resolve nerve stress by itself, if it isn’t chronic.

When people are severely stressed, improving blood flow and reducing inflammation will go a long way in helping your body repair itself.

Cayenne will definitely stimulate you and encourage activity. It’s a spicy one! But you’d be hard-pressed to find a better one to stimulate blood flow while reducing inflammation. It contains a bunch of vitamin a, c and e. Be careful not to take too much of it at first or you may find yourself chugging a bottle of milk afterwards! Start with 1/4 tsp and go up from there!

Calcium is super important to help rebuild the nervous system. Finding a good herbal calcium is key though! A good silica containing herb, like horsetail grass or oat straw, will make the body produce it’s own calcium and thereby utilize it better.


Inflammation can be caused by many things, stress, the wrong foods, or injury..

Adding in a good water regimen is a good way to start! I actually like to drink electrolytes when I’m in this position as it helps restore minerals at the same time as ridding my body of contaminants.

Food is often the culprit of many disruptions in the body. So a good detox is a great way to address any type of soreness in the body. Removing sugar alone will do a great deal!

Adding in herbs like turmeric, ginger or lemon help detox and restore balance.


These are the more difficult of the four reasons to address. Infections can exist in so many forms!

There’re herbs that are anti-bacterial and anti-viral that can be used for a broad variety of issues.

Garlic and onions are extremely handy when you’re not quite sure what the problem is, but know something hurts!

Soaks in Epsom salt help a lot and I like to add in Valor and Frankincense to baths when infection is an issue.

Vitamin C is another one that addresses a lot of things.

Drinking herbal teas of Pau D’ Arco, Red Raspberry, Peppermint, or Catnip helps hydrate, detox and brings much-needed nutrients to fight off infections.

Comfrey-Good or Bad

This herb has been researched to cause liver failure in cows and mice when ingested in doses to high for any human to be capable of drinking in tea form. Therefore, it has been given a bad rep and most people will not ingest it.

It is known as the knit-bone herb. It speeds healing of broken or damaged tissue and bones.

Daily soaks of this herb on areas in need have been known to greatly reduce pain and healing time! Pain is just a signal your body needs something.

Comfrey alone is great, but I personally prefer a salve or oil made from BF&C by Dr. Christopher. It contains comfrey and a host of other herbs that feed and nourish nerves, tissue and bones.


I used the BF&C massage oil on X as a baby.

I’d take him in on a weekly basis to get adjusted and it helped so much!

But I really desired something to strengthen his little muscles to help keep them in place.

I started massaging him morning, night and whenever I thought of it with the oil.

Babies are so receptive to herbs!!

By the end of the week I didn’t need to take him as often anymore. In fact, I completely quit going and went maybe twice a year! Major win!!

Just recently E kept popping out his sacrum.

He’d fall on his tush and start screaming. This was not normal! I got him adjusted twice but it popped out again. I started massaging him with the oil morning and night again and he is now sleeping better and a whole lot happier!

No third adjustment needed.

That’s all I do with the babies and it’s all that’s usually needed.

Sometimes I’ll add in some Valor essential oil and Stress Away essential oil.

Which adds an awesome smell!

Valor is known to help with alignments.

Stress Away is a great way to aid in relaxation.


Adults in our house get a more intense routine.


We start off with BF&C in massage form.

Valor and Stress Away are added into the massage oil and applied as needed. 10 drops of each to a cup of oil.

Or if I don’t want to keep track of which massage oil has essential oils in it, I’ll simply apply a drop of valor and stress away straight to the neck or spine when applying the massage oil itself.

Complete Tissue and Bone pills by Dr. Christopher feed and nourish the whole body and add in a two-fold support system to the massage oil, speeding up the process.

The pills do not contain comfrey for those wishing to avoid ingesting comfrey.

When the body is in need often taking extra doses of the pills or applying the oil more frequently, until the symptoms subside, is beneficial.

Pain is a signal your body is in need and pain diminishes when the need has been met.

Let me now your favorite natural remedies for muscle pain below!

Thank you for reading!

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