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Natural Remedies For An Ear Infection~Getting to the Root Cause

The words “ear infection” are almost a cuss word in our house. After years of repeated infections and trying hundreds of natural remedies for an ear infection, I’m happy to say we have survived the journey! For now at least…


What Causes These Infections

I’m not a doctor so I won’t be acting like one. I will however share what caused ours. And hope that maybe it can help someone else on their journey to getting rid of reoccurring ear infections.ear-infection

A baby’s ear canals are not as sloped as an adult. This often causes fluid build up allowing bacteria to multiply and cause the pain known as an ear infection. Especially when they are already fighting a sinus cold.

I also noticed that at 2 years of age our children seem to “outgrow” these infections. Apparently this is the time that their ear canals have grown into that more sloping shape and allows the fluids to drain more freely.

Teething was also a HUGE culprit in our house. Once they cut the last tooth, they magically seem to stop getting ear infections all the stinking time.

And last but definitely not the least.. Candida. This was the biggest root cause in our home.

I had already struggled with candida overgrowth my whole life. I never thought it would cause ear infections though.

The proof was in the pudding. I could clearly see the white lining of candida whenever I’d look into their ears.

My Remedy Journey

I tried my best to keep our children off of antibiotics since I knew firsthand the damage they could do if used as often as I had to use them as a child. Antibiotics are great when they are truly needed.

Ear infections can easily be taken care of at home. In my experience with Xavier, by the time the doctors’ office opened in the morning, he was usually feeling better already.

I have gone through SO many remedies. Some worked, some didn’t. Here are the ones that did work!

With Xavier, I used a remedy I got from Gwen’s Nest. Her post is so informative and made it really easy to take care of Xavier’s infections. Albeit a smelly remedy! Read about it here..onions-garlic-ear-infection

I used this particular remedy every time Xavier got an ear infection. It worked wonders! And it works almost instantly. Or it did for him at least.

After doing the onion method on him, I’d follow up with some garlic oil, morning and night for a few more days. That was all that was needed for Xavier.

Rose had her first ear infection at 3 months of age. It was a doozy.

None of the remedies I’d used on Xavier worked. I went back to my books and re-read a bunch of the things, because, mommy brain!

I got some Glandular System Massage Oil 2 Ounces. I rubbed it behind her ears and down her neck every 15 minutes until I noticed some relief for her.

After that I rubbed it 5-8 times a day for the next few days and then I backed off.

Her ear infection had been caused by fluid build-up behind her ear drums and as a side effect, her lymph nodes got extremely swollen and sore. Thus, why none of the traditional remedies were working.

After months of Rose having constant ear infections, I stumbled upon Nutribiotic Ear Drops, 1 Fluid Ounce“. This solved the problems for her. I used the drops as a preventative nightly until she had gotten all her teeth.

After that I no longer needed it.

When Ezra was born, it didn’t take long for him to get his first ear infection either.

I just about cried. I’d hoped one of our kiddos would be exempt!

So began my next learning curve. Because of course it couldn’t be simple and have the things that worked for Xavier or Rose work for him.

I’d try multiple things at the onset of each infection, but nothing worked. I gave them both a few rounds of antibiotics. This worked for the first few times.

After that even the antibiotics didn’t help. I was at my wits-end. Our house reeked of onions and garlic. And everything was an absolute oily mess.

My sister introduced me to Dr. Fitt and once again, I finally found something that worked.

With the frequent rounds of antibiotics I had as a child, my candida had grown unchecked. With each child it got worse.

This in turn allowed the candida to take root in my children’s bodies and it presented itself in the form of ear infections.

I bought Black Seed Oil and dropped a few drops of this into Ezras’ ears. It worked quickly.

I also started them on Doctor’s Best Betaine HCI Pepsin and Gentian Bitters, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Digestion Support, 120 Caps“. You can read why, here.

If frequent colds or ear infections pester your house, I’d highly recommend getting a nebulizer. I use this at the onset of a sniffle. I use 3 droppers of Dr. Fitt’s “I Mist You 2” in the compressor cup and add in some water. I dilute with water since the “I Mist You 2” is quite strong for littles. Test it on a grown up first to see if the strength is right.

Some mamas use this nightly before bed to prevent colds and it works great!

I normally only run the nebulizer for 30 seconds or so for each child and this has helped our little family a lot! We have finally had two runs of the cold and flu in our house without an ear infection!

I have also started a strict vitamin regimen in our house. Vitamins are so, so important in our bodies to be able to fight what they need to fight.

After using the enzymes and vitamins for a month, I noticed Ezra would be the last to get sick whenever we’d come down with something. I started Rose on the enzymes and vitamins next and now she is the last to get sick. I have since started the whole family on this routine. Ezra now no longer needs the enzymes and Rose is down to one enzyme a meal. She was taking two before.

It has been an absolute answer to prayer to find something that can truly strengthen the immune system and not just treat the symptoms.

The Power of Forgiveness and a Smile

Our issues with ear infections kept getting worse as you can see in what I shared above.

It was scary! Ear infections are a relatively simple thing to get rid of. Yet ours kept coming back and becoming worse with each child.

I’m not much one for touchy-feely things but after my experience it seems dumb to not mention this. Forgiveness.power-of-a-smile

After my journey of forgiveness, the healing started to happen in our home.

Forgiveness creates a positive attitude in a person. There is a freeness (is that a word? It is now lol!) in ones spirit after releasing all the gunk in ones past.

I remember coming home from a trip and realizing we’d dragged a flu home, again. I panicked.

This time though, I stopped myself. Instead of curling up in a couch with a TV remote and cups of tea, I made myself get up, clean the house and SMILE. Our bout of the flu was way shorter than usual.

Now, one could argue that it was a fluke and just not a bad bug. Except this has happened a few times now already.

There’s power in positivity and a smile!


Diet plays a very strong key factor in your overall health. Since we have candida issues in our family, it only makes sense that if we feed it sugary foods all day every day that the problems will only get worse.

When we get a cold one of my first changes is the diet. I go buy fruit, nuts, veggies and meats. That is the basis of all our foods during the healing phase. healthy-foods

It usually takes a few days before we notice an improvement. But it doesn’t get as bad as it used to.

After a week of watching our diet, it’s usually completely cleared up and seeing remarkable differences by day 3.

Some people will tell you to cut out all fruits as well. I’ve found this extremely difficult with children since they need carbs and such to grow. Our children get extremely hungry when I take out all sugars and carbs. So I allow carbs in whole foods form.

Instead of white rice I use brown rice. Instead of brown potatoes I use red, they’re lower in starch content. For fries, we use sweet potato fries instead of regular fries. Little changes that have made a huge difference!

This is also a time when I will buy whole fruit juices and let them drink those. Apple is preferred as it oxygenates the blood and helps cleanse the system. Apples are brilliant little foods! Grape juice is also a good one. As long as it is whole grape juice.

I’ve found that for now this works for us. Listen to your own bodies and decide what works for you.

Taking Out the Trash Before Hand

Prevention is key. Watching your diet beforehand makes it easier to boot out a bug when it does roll around. It’s similar to taking out the trash on a daily basis.

By feeding your body good fuel, you’re effectively kicking out garbage on a regular basis. Even if you eat junky food now and then, it won’t harm you to the extent that it would if you eat junk on a daily basis. I try to stick to a general 80/20 taking-out-the-garbagerule.

When we eat out I won’t nitpick but when we grocery shop, I am a lot more particular about what comes home with us.

I’ve found that even just avoiding prepackaged snacks makes a huge difference in our overall health. I try to keep homemade bread on hand and fruits for the children to snack on.

Add in the nutrients your body needs to fight an infection and now your body is a powerhouse in being able to kick out any little sneaks trying to get in. Getting a good vitamin supplement is so important! Don’t rely on just food to give you all the vitamins you need.

Getting in a daily dose of fun has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system. Even a good ole’ hearty laugh will suffice. Go watch a comedy or have some fun with the family! Schedule it into your planner if you have to lol!

What’s your favorite remedy for an ear infection, cold or flu?

**This article is not meant to prescribe, treat or cure anyone. I am not a doctor. I’m simply a mom who’s been on a trip trying to find what worked for my family, and am sharing what has helped us.**

**This page may contain affiliate links. I never recommend anything I have not personally bought and tried.**

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