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How to Handle a Colicky Baby~Aka the Horrid Witching Hour

Those sweet, happy thoughts of your newborns arrival, can quickly turn to feelings of a nightmarish reality when your baby just won’t stop crying!handle-a-colicky-baby

I remember coming home from the NICU with Xavier and already feeling lost. Then when the constant crying started, it went from lost to overwhelmed.

He cried a lot the first 3 months. Those moments are when moms start questioning their parenting skills. Or even worse, those dreaded baby-blues pop up!

What Causes Colic

Most people will tell you that Colic is simply a phase for babies. Some babies have it. Some don’t.

I went home from the hospital armed with the knowledge that some babies will have purple crying moments. You could do nothing with purple criers except hold them.

And once it got to the point of you getting frustrated, there was nothing to do except lay them in a safe place and walk away.

I’m not sure what to believe on that topic. But I can tell you in my experience there has always been an underlying issue with the crying infant.

With Xavier, it was caused by his little body being misaligned. This misalignment caused severe gas for him. As well as a painful neck.

Rose and Ezra were never particularly “colicky”. They did have gas issues though. With them it was usually as simple as avoiding dairy.

My Experience With Colic

Xavier’s birth was a rough one. He was admitted to the NICU right after he was born and had to stay there for a week.

The combination of the birth, the stress, and the medications made for a bad case of purple crying. I spent 3 months trying different remedies and never finding the “one” thing that worked without fail.

This time was so rough on us all as a family.

The first few weeks I assumed it was my milk. I breastfed him for 6 weeks and he was never completely happy.

I finally made the switch to formula after seeing on an X-Ray how bad his gas really was. This helped some. He was still not a super happy baby though.

At 3 months I finally took him to see a chiropractor. After the adjustment my happy~go~lucky baby surfaced and we went from crying to smiling.

He had the sweetest smile for me when I buckled him into the car seat afterwards. The moments mommies live for!

Turns out his neck was causing him pain and with that fixed, he was a very happy camper!

My Survival Tricks

Here’s a few of the tips and tricks I gathered along the way of muddling through my first year as a parent.colic-survival-tools

1. Gas drops.

Those handy~dandy little gas drops found at every Wal-Mart? Yeah they didn’t do much for gas.

However I did love them for dipping a pacie in. Xavier HATED the pacifier and nothing convinced him otherwise.

I finally started dipping his pacifier in the drops and he’d take the pacifier for a bit. Just long enough to get us out of a store or a restaurant usually.

If we were really lucky, it’d be long enough for him to fall asleep on a drive home.

2. Dr. Christopher’s Kid-E-Col.

It worked wayyy better for me than the gas drops from Wal-Mart did. Usually, in the first few weeks, I only had to give them 2-6 drops before some relief started in.

I made sure to start out with 1-2 drops of the tincture. To much for babies who are not on solids yet, resulted in diarrhea at our house.

3. Tummy-Gize by Young Living.

I’m sure there’re similar oils out there. I used this one because it already comes diluted and I could just grab a drop and smear it onto their tummies.

This was my favorite way to handle gassy moments! It was not only quick but effective.

A big plus for me was that it wasn’t internal. My babies always reacted to anything extra besides milk being given bygentle-baby-tummy-gize surprising me with a lovely moment of diarrhea.

4. Gentle Baby by Young Living.

This was my favorite oil for the purple crying times. I wish I’d known about this one with Xavier!

Whenever Rose or Ezra were crying for no apparent reason, I’d grab a drop of this oil in about 1/2 tsp of coconut oil and massage their spines with the mixture.

This was my weapon when no other weapons worked. It calmed them down within 10 minutes or so!

I also made sure to use it only when nothing else worked. Don’t ask me why, as I have no idea, but I have an irrational fear of them getting accustomed to it and it no longer working when I desperately need it to work, lol!

5. Chiropractor visits.

This one tip here is worth it’s weight in gold! After I got Xavier adjusted at 3 months it was a miracle!

He went from crying all day, to laughing and playing by himself.

After that experience, Rose and Ezra both got adjustments the first week after being born! And they never had the witching hour as bad as Xavier had them.

6. Bath times!

Never underestimate the power of a bath for a colicky baby. It was my saving grace with Xavier and bath time quickly became our favorite time of the day together.baby-bath-time

I usually mixed in a mixture of herbs like lavender, chamomile, calendula and whatever other herbs I desired at that moment.

If you have a tub big enough, get in with the baby and just relax together. Some of the sweetest moments with Rose were bath times after she was born.

Although not all babies enjoy these magical moments, Ezra hated baths and thought they were an unusual and cruel form of torture. I have yet to convince him otherwise.

Relax and Forgive

Relax! The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed the whole family is going to be.

With Xavier, it felt like an eternity. Mostly because I’d convinced myself the crying would never end. When it did, I was actually surprised!forgive-relax

With Rose and Ezra I had the privilege of knowing how quickly it truly does pass by. This helped me enjoy the cuddles, rocking and nursing even more.

Thereby shortening the time. I found myself missing the newborn phase! Something I’d sworn would never happen.

Colic is hard. So hard. And there’re millions of things that could be wrong at any given time.

Part of my parenting journey has been learning to look back at those moments after they have passed and the skies have cleared.

Those times are used to forgive myself for not being perfect. By forgiving myself I’m a lot less likely to get frustrated when the next period of crying begins.

What are your favorite remedies during colicky/gassy times with a newborn? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Hopefully they’ll help the next mamma needing a bit of inspiration!

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