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Best Potty Training Potty~On the Go & At Home

Together we can!Potty training is a necessary evil in my eyes. I detest it. Potty training potties thereby fall right into disgrace just by being associated with said task.

The house smells like pee and you have endless laundry that needs to be done from all the messes. Anything to make it easier or funner for mommy AND child is a winner for me.

I scoffed at the ideas of a potty chair until I had a petite, strong willed daughter who did everything on her own. Getting on our huge toilet was not an option for her and she hated the toilet potty seats.

I tried the “take them to the potty every 15-30 min” method with our first two. It didn’t work for either of them.

Xavier was to preoccupied with life to give it any thought. After 2 tries I finally used his favorite TV show to get him to pay attention. “Bad Mom” moment? Maybe… But it worked really well, lol!

If he peed himself while watching I turned it off right then and there. If he told me he needed to go I paused it, took him potty and let him resume watching. It only took a few times of turning it off until his training was done.

Rose on the other hand cooperated quite happily the first day. I thought she would be the one to make me change my mind on hating potty training.

Then came the “I don’t want help, I can do this myself” moment, our toilet was not small enough for her petite stature to maneuver by herself and thus all my hopes of this being easy were smushed to smithereens.

I kept trying, but she started resisting to the point of withholding. At that point I put her back in a diaper and we left potty training for a later day.

What to do?

Since writing this post originally, I have trained our youngest son! Or should I say he did it by himself! I’ve added my experience with him at the bottom of the post.

Choosing a Seat

I figured if I was going to have any luck training her, I better find a way for her to do this by herself.

On the hunt for a potty seat we went.

We’d tried just a cheapie from WalMart that Xavier had used the first time I tried training her. He’d never had any issues with it.

Enter girlie, girl Rose and she had issues! What princess would want their thighs pinched while sitting on the loo? How it never bothered Xavier, I have no clue.

We were also often out and about on the farm. We tried just holding her up and letting her pee that way. It worked a time or two, but she had a hard time relaxing. I figured something must exist to make this a little easier on little tots.

On the hunt I went for a non-pinching seat, that worked for on the go!

Enter the absolute, brilliant Oxo-Tot 2 in 1 On the Go Potty. I loved the idea of not cleaning a potty seat bowl every time she needed to go.Oxo-Tot 2 in 1

Not only that it was supposed to work as a seat on top of the indoor toilet as well.

That part didn’t work out too well. It wasn’t all that stable on top of our particular toilet. Although as a bonus point, this one did NOT pinch!

It didn’t exactly help me train her either. Probably can’t blame the seat for that fact since I should’ve had the seat at the beginning of trying to train her. I did have grand hopes of her magically forgetting all about round 1 and being so excited to use this seat she’d just train herself!

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Since the first go round had her believing she was going to the potty because mommy told her to and not because she wanted to, I was now I was dealing with memories as well as trying to teach her how to use the potty. She has a SUPER good memory when it comes to things/experiences she didn’t like.

I had unknowingly entered into a power struggle with her and I was regretting every single moment of it! If only I could rewind times at moments like those!

Rose did like the seat to use outside but indoors she refused to use it as it rocked back and forth on the seat. We had a long oblong toilet seat at that house. I often wonder if it wouldn’t work better on a shorter seat?

I also didn’t like using it inside as a standalone potty because Rose didn’t like the idea of sitting on plastic. It also seemed to me to be a waste of perfectly good bags.

This one works brilliantly when you’re out and about though! We’ve even pulled over on a drive and let her pee beside the road. A kids’ gotta go when a kids’ gotta go!

Although I was taken by the idea of putting a bag over the seat and being able to just tie it off and discard, I ended up never using the bags really. I ended up just letting her pee on the ground.

I can see it being nice if they have to poop on the go, but we live on a farm. I didn’t need bags for that either. (Gross I know!) I just dug holes and buried it when needed. Which, was like twice. Plus I figure the cost of those fancy bags would have added up really quickly over time with as much as we are on the go.

If you really wanna use bags with this seat, I did debate on using Walmart trash bags with paper towel or puppy pee pads snipped to size in the bags. Just a thought! Do let me know if you try it and it works!

We’ve carried this particular seat on the back of the truck for over a year now. It’s been beaten up! But still functions really well. That says something for the quality of this seat. If it can stand all of Zo’s(my husband’s) abuse I’d say it can withstand just about anything!

What About Inside?

I was actually not convinced to invest in another potty chair until I read the much recommended book, “Oh Crap! Potty Training”, by Jamie Glowacki.

After the last training debacle, I’d gotten desperate and bought the book. It was worth every penny! Her advice got us through potty training Rose. It also prepped me for Ezra’s potty training. It reframed my whole mind and made his journey a million times better!

As her reasoning was sound, I went on the hunt for a chair.

I spent hours researching chairs. I finally decided on the one Jamie recommended in her book. A BabyBjorn Smart PottyBabyBjorn Smart Potty- Gray

I spent $20 in absolute shame as I’d sworn never to own such a contraption. Not only that, I was sure, Zo, would not be happy with a waste of money like this since nothing else we’d tried for Rose had worked.

I was desperate and desperate is as desperate does!

Lo and behold! It worked! Rose LOVED the chair. I had officially “invested” in a chair instead of wasting money. I saved $20 that first month alone, lol!

What made the chair worth it?

It’s tiny. Tiny enough to where they pop a squat whenever they sit on it. And as the Squatty Potty commercials have so kindly made us aware, pooping just happens better when a squat is popped.

Rose maneuvered it all by herself. She even emptied it on occasions and was super proud of this accomplishment!

It looks cute! For a toilet at least.

It’s already lasted through one of our kids and I’m now about to start using it on our third baby. Wish me luck!

Would I Buy Both Seats Again?

In a heartbeat!

Having the Oxo-Tot for on the go has been priceless. It’s a dream for country living the way we live.

The BabyBjorn has been perfect for indoors. Small enough for our petite, little Rose and easy to clean! Not that cleaning a potty seat is ever fun, but at least it was easy.

A potty seat small enough for them to maneuver makes children feel special and gives them ownership over this process. Something Rose craved. It would have made the process soooo much simpler had she had access to the BabyBjorn from the very start.

Potty Training

I’m just so thankful she’s finally potty trained! Looking back I would make so many changes! Like reading Jamie’s book first! It’s a must read for stubborn, independent children!

I’m going to use her method on our youngest here shortly. I’m so excited to be armed with her knowledge this go round!

Have you read her book? How did it affect your potty training journey?


I finished potty training Ezra!!! I could hardly believe it. He was so easy to train.

I was dreading this experience SOOO much. Maybe it was easier for this reason.

I tried the no-pants method with him for an evening just to test the waters a bit. He went #2 in the little baby bjorn but that was as far as we got. I sensed the same frustration building in him as Rose had when I started her.

I quickly put him back in a diaper and waited till I could see he was ready. I waited for him to be able to pull up his pants by himself and for him to be able to tell me he needed to go. This was right around 21 months.

I waited till 22 months simply because I wanted to wait till we had a full week of nothing-ness planned. Would you believe it? I actually had a WHOLE week that I stayed home. This has never happened before unless I’d just given birth, lol!

It was so worth it! The no-stress, no-rush atmosphere had me mentally happy.

After deciding half-way into the morning to start, I took off his diaper, told him where to go when he needed to pee, put his pants on commando style and left him to do his thing.

No success. He peed himself ALL day long. To which I simply replied. Uh-Oh! You peed yourself, you have to put your pee in the potty!

I also left the washing machine open, took off his clothes and tossed them in there to be washed after he went to bed. For some reason not having to hand wash them and hang them to dry was so much better lol! I didn’t have the visual mess I’d had before with the others. I also kept a rag handy to wipe up his messes.

Next morning came, he peed his bed and pooped his pants. At this point I was in praying mode. Lord, please let him have just a bit of success! Just one pee or poop in the potty. Something to show me it’s gonna work!

A little while later, he told me he needed to poop and off to his little potty he went! It was uphill from there. By day 3 he was catching himself 90% of the time. We’ve had a few accidents since then but he’s got this!!! No more diapers for me!! Hip-hip-hurray!!!!

I can’t stress enough how much having a little potty has helped. The confidence and the pride it inspires in them to be able to do it themselves is such a HUGE part of potty training success.

I never had to fight him to go potty because I had a different attitude. If you wanna pee yourself, you’ll be wet. I don’t care if you’re wet. He sure did though. He cared enough to want to go put it where it needs to go.

I do believe a lot has to do with personalities of ones children! Xavier loved to have fun and did not want that interrupted. Rose wanted to do things by herself. Ezra thrives on doing things correctly.

Listen to your child and trust your gut!

Hopefully this encourages some other mommy to take the dive and not expect the worst. I hemmed and hawed for weeks before finally taking the dive. Even the morning of I debated till I finally got tired of questioning myself and just did it.

You can do this mommy! I’m rooting for you! Leave me a comment so I can cheer you on or help you celebrate!

*This is not a paid advertisement nor did I get these seats or the book for free.

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  1. Mohammad says:


    This post is priceless to me. My sister has the same problem with her kid, and she is searching for a good seat that is easy to clean for him, going to the toilet is so difficult and there is always pee smelling because he can’t use it the same we do.

    After reading this post, I loved both of them the Oxo-Tot on the go and The BabyBjorn. I believe I will give them a try and buy both of them for her as a gift. This gift seems weird, but if it is going to solve a problem, I Will be a super happy person.

    Thank you for this amazing post!

    1. Lisa says:

      Thank you so much! I hope it works for her! Potty training can be so hard! Wishing her all the best.

  2. Ali says:

    What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You for sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about the best potty training and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in detail.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


    1. Lisa says:

      Thank you so much, Ali!

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