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Are Essential Oils a Hoax~The Rising Remedy

Essential oils have gained a lot of popularity over the years. But are essential oils just a hoax?

Maybe in some cases! Essential oils have gained a rep of being able to cure anything and everything. This is a bit far-fetched.are-essential-oils-a-hoax

First off I don’t believe an oil can cure anything. God does the healing and maybe sometimes an oil is used as the method of helping you out.

Second, every body is different so what works for me may not work for you.

Third, essential oils are only one method in the realm of herbal remedies that work. And it may be, that a different remedy may work better or quicker for you than an oil might.

So if Not a Hoax Then What Are They?

Essential oils are basically the life blood of a plant. A plant is taken through a process of distillation and VOILA! You have an EO. It is now a concentrated version of the plant.

They smell GREAT! They also work really well in harmony with our body.

Our bodies heal themselves if given the right nutrients. Essential oils help speed that process along. It’s basically like essential-oilsadding wood to a fire.

When your body gets tired or slightly out of whack an essential oil can help bring those nutrients into your body in a very efficient manner.

Take Stress Away for instance, if you’ve had a pretty frustrating day it can be hard to unwind. Rubbing a bit of Stress Away on your neck gives your body exactly what it needs to start that unwinding process.

Having a hard time falling asleep at night? I put Stress Away on my neck, a drop of Frankincense on my chest and a drop of lavender under my foot. Knocks me out within 5 minutes.

Whenever Zo feels under the weather, he takes a 20 minute bath with 10 drops Valor and 10 drops Frankincense. I don’t know if it’ll work for you, all I know is, that he gets out of the water a LOT less grouchy than when he got in.

I’ve been applying Endo-Flex to my thyroid and Juva-Flex undiluted to my liver lately. This mix helps process emotions. Anger is stored in the liver and Juva-Flex helps detoxify the liver. Endo-Flex supports the thyroid and helps balance emotions. have noticed a huge difference in just two days! I’m calmer around the kiddos and so much easier going over all!

I’m sure you may have a crazed personal friend who comes around slathering everything in sight?

No? Just me?

Well, they do work and I highly recommend getting some. But I believe in a fine balance of all things. When I first got introduced I may have gone slightly overboard… Just slightly!

So, no they are not a hoax, they work so well in fact that you may be tempted to overshare and start toting them around slathering up random strangers. DON’T DO IT!

How are They Used?

You can use them in a variety of ways. Like applying them directly to your body, also known as applying neat. It’s my favorite way to use them. Because who has time to dilute an oil every time you have a need for one?

It’s so simple to carry a little bottle of TummyGize in your purse for the kiddos if they ate something that doesn’t agree with them. Or DiGize in the case of an adult like me, who doesn’t like waiting to get home to feel better.how-are-essential-oils-used

Don’t forget the lavender! That one is especially important if your child has a chance encounter with a bug.

You CAN also dilute them. Alas, for some it is needed, and as you can probably guess those are not the oils that get used the most in our house.

Thieves for example. Great for boosting the immune system and might even give you a chance at avoiding some nasties if applied before being exposed.

It’s well-known for it’s ability to boost the immune system. Maybe that’s why it insists on irritating your skin when applied without being diluted in some coconut or olive oil first? I guess I’ll have to forgive it’s persnickety-ness since it does work so well, but it is a pain to need to dilute it every time you need to use it!

I may have snuck it onto the bottoms of feet and covered with socks when I absolutely do not have time to grab some olive oil. Or you could use those handy, little roller bottles off of Amazon to pre-dilute some and have them on hand already diluted.

The next way to use them is to diffuse them. I use them nightly for our children. I alternate between two different recipes of oils every so often.

One recipe I use is 2 drops Eucalyptus, 2 drops Rosemary, 2 drops Tea Tree, 2 drops lemon and 1 drop Oregano.

This recipe is the one that works best for helping my daughter’s respiratory system! It doesn’t work so well on our sons for some reason. The next one is the one that their bodies seem to prefer.

The other one I use is simply 2 drops Thieves and 2 drops R.C. This is the one that comes along on our trips. Not only does it bolster the immune system it helps their sinuses at night so everyone can breathe better.

I don’t know if they’re a cure all, all I know is, last time we went on a 5-day vacation, I diffused this every night in the kiddos room and I was the only one who came home sick and I was the only one not using Thieves on a daily basis.

Granted I did watch their diet and they all got enzymes with their meals too. But I watched my diet as well and still got the bug. Bah Humbug! Can you tell I’m in the Christmas spirit?

Are They Going to Kill or Maim You?

I don’t know about that, all I know is, I’ve used them on our whole family since the day they were born and we’re all healthier and happier for it.

They didn’t magically change our lives overnight but they sure helped!

Common sense goes a long way when using EO’s.

Just as you wouldn’t give your child a full dose of medicine meant for an adult, I don’t apply EO’s to them with the same amount as I would me.

I always try a new oil that I want to diffuse during the day and watch everyone to make sure they respond well to it.

With applying an oil directly to the body, especially children, I always dilute them first and see how they react.

So will they kill or maim you? I don’t know. They haven’t us, in fact they’ve helped improve many a situation.

Which Oils Are The Best Oils?

This is personal preference for each person.

From my research there are 2 companies I purchase from. You want to be careful as a lot of companies don’t source their oils from pure origins.

This can lead to oils not working as well or even causing allergic reactions when you wouldn’t have had an allergic reaction purity-is-importantto a pure oil.

The first company being Plant Therapy. Their oils are pure and they’re totally up front with their lab tests. Something I look for in a company!

They also have very reasonable prices. A huge plus for me!

I love getting my lemon oil from them. I’ve also used their Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Rosemary with great success.

The second company is Young Living. Yes it is a direct marketing company and yes some of their oils are higher priced.

I will gladly pay that higher price for some of their oils though and here’s why.

Their Frankincense has often helped us get a better nights sleep when the children have a cough. One drop rubbed directly on their chest has gotten us through many a night! Plant Therapy’s Frankincense oil didn’t help in that regard. I was still up all night because the kiddos wouldn’t stop coughing.

R.C. is another one that I get from Young Living that I have yet to find a comparable cheaper brand for. This oil is diffused nightly when we have any kind of respiratory distress.

Valor is a preferred one to have on hand whenever I get the occasional neck aches. I combine Valor with Stress Away when I do use it. Zo also likes having this one in stock for when he feels under the weather. This is also an oil I have not found a cheaper brand for that works as well as this one does.

May I take a moment for an oil that’s slightly random and off topic? Sensation and Black Pepper EO diluted in coconut oil make a sensational (excuse the pun) smelling lotion for a romantic evening spent with your significant other!

The best part of it is that it doesn’t give me any unpleasant side-effects unlike other more traditional products on the market!

You’ll have to read between the lines here because I’m not allowed to share the full testimonial of what the oils have done for our family but hopefully you’ll get the idea!

Is There an Oil for Everything?

I was once on a track to prove this theory wrong. I figured getting a chest to fill out more on a woman was certainly something even EO’s couldn’t tackle.

Imagine my surprise when google actually pulled up something with that very topic! So yes people have really found an oil for everything except fixing your car.

Although some might argue that by using Peace and Calming you may be able to get the car fixed quicker. So who knows! Maybe there is an oil for everything!

I tend to hesitate when it comes to giving a certain product that much credit. Oils definitely have helped us in tons of an-oil-for-everythingdifferent ways and I use them on a daily basis.

I have learned to use them in combination with other things though.

An oil can’t cure an unhealthy diet. It may be able to help get rid of a certain by-product of eating something that gave you gas but eventually unhealthy habits catch up with all of us!

Taking care of your body first with a healthy diet is the true path to healing your body.

Essential Oils are amazing at supporting the body in a variety of different ways! The true goal in my life is to get to a point where I rarely need a supplement to take care of a mess in my body that my diet has created.

Alas, as we all know, life is hardly perfect and a perfect diet is hard to maintain, so I am grateful to have found something that helps me when I need it!

Ready to get started but don’t know which pack to choose? Check out this post for a complete rundown on Young Living Kits!

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  1. Emlin says:

    So Interesting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences about the use of oil. I only know the benefits of few, so your post is instructive to me.

    I encourage you to pursue on that path.


    1. Lisa says:

      Thank you, Emlin!

  2. Ashley says:

    I have never really looked into essential oils despite their popularity. After reading your post I feel much more informed about them and enjoyed reading about them! I love your writing style. Keep it up!

    1. Lisa says:

      Thank you, Ashley!!

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