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About Sisters in Thyme

Hi everyone! Welcome to our store and blog.

Two Texan-raised sisters followed their husbands across the state line into New Mexico. The distance from family and friends made plenty of room in the schedule to dream, play and work alongside our husbands. Farming is utterly fulfilling. There’s nothing like seeing spring bloom, planting and carefully tending to a crop while anticipating the harvest.

Somewhere amongst all the fun, we wanted something of ours. Something to fill the hours with a hobby that started years ago before farming was ever in the picture.

Moving back to Texas opened doors to following our passions in full.

Herbs held a special place in our hearts because of the freedom they have given us in taking care of our families health needs at home. Simple home remedies that help in a day or even a few minutes.

Our eldest sister had long since started her journey with herbs and often spoke of how they helped them and saved them so much money. It all kinda went in one ear and out the other at the time for me. Why change something I had no desire to change? Herbs sounded like a lot of work to learn about and honestly didn’t sound fun either.

However, life had other plans and gently shoved me down a path I had no idea would be so fulfilling and fun!

My  journey started with an onion…. Fooey!!! My most detested food became a saving grace the day we had no money for a doctor but my ears had a raging infection. Cutting an onion in half, warming it over low heat with some olive oil and holding it over my ear for 30 minutes took care of the pain. I was in shock. I’d always had to use anti-biotics for everything. From there on out, I was open to trying new things at home.

Maggy was the sister I turned to whenever I needed anything. She loves to research and her love of herbs runs deep.

Seeing a book penned by Rachel Weaver, “Be Your Own Doctor”, borrowing it was the next natural step for a person who loves to research.

Reading about milk being a main cause of upper respiratory issues she decided to purge all milk from their diets for two weeks. At the end of those two weeks her girls’ persistent cough was gone.

So began a journey into herbs that led to opening an herb store, which led to us both getting certified as Family Home Herbalists.

Some of our favorite memories of having a family run herbal store are of opening each new bag of herbs, being able to smell and experience them firsthand instead of just reading about them and wondering what smell a particular herb would have.

Many of the recipes and products on this website stem from the many hours she has spent educating herself on how to best aid her families bodies to function at their best.

Our mission is to help everyday, busy moms spend more time doing all the things they love, while also taking care of their families in an all-natural way. Living healthy shouldn’t be overwhelming or hard.

6 thoughts on “About Sisters in Thyme

  1. Hi, Lisa! Nice to meet you, look forward to reading future blogs!

    1. Thank you, Maggy!

  2. Hi Lisa nice to meet you keep up the good work

    1. Thank you, Anita!

  3. Your life has to be interesting! Can’t wait to read more here!

    1. Hey Margie! So glad you found the site. Welcome!

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