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About Lisa

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! I grew up in a small suburban community. The most about country life I knew was how to feed chickens! I met my husband, Zo, at the age of 16 and married him at 18. I was a stay at home wife for a year, a year later he started on his journey to becoming a business owner. We spent a few years in the construction business but knew we eventually wanted a different business. When doors opened to farming my husbands dreams became a reality. I love the days spent touring our fields, dreaming of where we want it to go, and most of all I love the ways it has bonded our family. Our eldest son, Xavier, 6 years old, loves tagging along with Daddy learning all he can about farming, our daughter, Rose, who is 3 years loves to help mommy run the house and our youngest son, Ezra, at 18 months loves his tractor rides! The minute the front door opens he’s running out finding the nearest “tacta”(tractor) to climb onto! Watching our children run in the fields, with the promise of a harvest just around the corner, makes all the long days and hard work worth it!

Growing up my main dream was to be a teacher, get married and have some babies! Mainly because I wanted grandchildren lol! Once I got married and started achieving my goals I realized I had been incredibly narrow-minded in my goal setting. My new goal is to create a life that is rich and full in every area of my life! I hope to be an inspiration to others like me who are afraid to step up and take risks. We only live life once!

I hope to share what things have helped us and some trials we’ve overcome. As a mom with 3 little ones life has not always been easy(a huge understatement lol!) but I have found a few tips that have significantly improved our family life as a whole. Join me on a journey I never dreamed we could travel!

6 thoughts on “About Lisa”

  1. Maggy says:

    Hi, Lisa! Nice to meet you, look forward to reading future blogs!

    1. Lisa says:

      Thank you, Maggy!

  2. Anita says:

    Hi Lisa nice to meet you keep up the good work

  3. Margie says:

    Your life has to be interesting! Can’t wait to read more here!

    1. Lisa says:

      Hey Margie! So glad you found the site. Welcome!

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