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A Stay At Home Wife’s Schedule~Finding Peace In The Home

Finding a schedule that works for the whole family is tough. As a stay at home wife from the first day of marriage I’ve gone through a lot of struggles trying to find a schedule that worked for us.schedule-of-a-wife

The world has so many rules as to what is required of your time, it can be hard to discern what is your desire, versus, what has been programmed into us to believe we have to have for a happy life.

I’d rather spend more time with my husband and children, than time at every social function there is.

An evening spent eating a meal we made together and watching a family movie is far more fulfilling to me than going to a baseball game.

What do you want out of your time?

More laughter? Travel? Adventure? A deeper spiritual journey? More time with the family? What are you willing to do to accomplish your dreams?

Steps to Take Control of Your Time

Step 1~ Write down your dreams!dreaming-as-a-wife-mother

My Dreams:

Peaceful Family

More Family Time

Create An Income On A Part-Time Basis

You may want to travel or visit more with friends. Focus on whatever your dreams for the future are!

Those were it for me, so I focused on those things in my schedule. Did this mean I had to sacrifice my nap times of watching meaningless Netflix movies or YouTube to working on that part-time income?

Yes. Is it going to be worth it?

Absolutely! Do I still get tempted to get a blanket and forget the real world? Yes. But the dreams I have are not going to happen by watching a movie.scheduling-as-a-wife

The second step in taking control of your time and setting up a schedule as a stay at home wife is finding a program that works for you.

Me personally, I used Time Secrets by Dani Johnson.

( This is not a paid promotion nor did I get her products for free. I personally use her trainings and they have been worth their weight in gold!)

It’s such an easy, implementable system that works well with our ever-changing schedule.

As a farm wife I never really know exactly which hours I’m going to be home. Instead of being strictly by the hour I like to set my time up in blocks. More on this later!

How to Take Your Dreams and Use Them to Create a Schedule

By writing down your dreams, you can free up your brain to figure out what it will take to accomplish them.making-dreams-into-a-reality

My dreams?

Peaceful family.. Please???

More FUN!!!

Creating an income working from home.

Get out of debt!

Once I have a clear list I can easily see if I need to say no to all the things people ask me to do. If anything is going to pull me away from what I feel I need to do it’s a no.

Finding Your Happy Hour

Step 2: Find your Happy Hour!

Choose a time in your day that is used to recuperate you and frame your mind to win!

Whether you spend time in prayer, do a work out or listen to something encouraging.

Find a time to reflect on who you are and bring peace and purpose to your mind!

I’ve found just simply breathing and remembering my goals helps me focus and not loose my cool when the kids actions electrify my hair!

Writing down your goals and hanging them in clear sight can help with this too!

Planning Fast and Loose

Big chores can often get you into trouble trying to do them during a set time!

Especially when you have a hubby who doesn’t have a schedule!

I’ve found that what works best for me is playing it fast and loose.planning-on-the-fly

Planning my time in blocks allows me to finish the routine things.

Like breakfast, making the bed, taking out the trash, etc.

Once I’m done with that I evaluate which big chore needs to get done most that day.

I’ll either start the laundry, work on the yard or run to town. Usually I can fit in whichever chore is needing to get done into my morning block and I can include the kiddos and make it a family learning time.

Not having these things that take longer, set in stone, make it to where I can be more flexible if my hubby needs something at the spur of the moment.

I’ve found that by blocking off time to accomplish the basics has allowed me to know with much more conviction if I can say yes or no when someone asks me to do something with them.

Even if I have to shift my bigger chores around peace still remains because all the fiddly little chores are done, leaving the house semi clean and organized for the next day.

I say semi-clean because a house with toddlers is hardly ever perfectly clean!

What My Schedule Looks Likecreating-a-schedule

My Daily Morning Block – Wake Time till 11:00a.m.



Breakfast & Breakfast Clean Up

Morning Block Pop-Ups ( Things that I don’t do on a Daily Basis)

Grocery Shopping



Daily Lunch Block – 11:00-2:00

Make Lunch & Clean Up

Clean up before Nap Time

Daily Nap Time- 2:00-5:00 (give or take)

This is my part-time job time

Daily Supper Block- 5:00-8:00

Make Supper & Clean Up

Clean up the House for Bedtime

Supper Block Pop-Ups



Evening Block- 8:00-11:00

Free Time! Aka Party Time!

These hours usually change from day to day but not by much. Usually only an hour or so. I adjust the times as needed.

One thing I’d like to do is learn Spanish.

But I’m trying to realize my true limitations, I know I wouldn’t accomplish anything if I added that to my calendar. That is a dream I can accomplish in the future. Maybe once the kids are a bit older and we can learn it together and practice on each other!

How to Keep it All Together

There is no keeping it together. Not that I know of anyways. I believe that ones goals must be the focus and that anything asking to take time away from your most important commitments should be a no.keeping-your-schedule-together

That being said things pop up.

All. The. Time.

I’ve had to learn to embrace those surprises. Easier said than done for me!

Usually though those interruptions to the schedule are where true friendships and adventures lie. It also happens to be where you get the best chance at improving your personal growth, as most often these times, present you with the choice to be upset or practice being kind and happy in the midst of turmoil.

Let me know if you put a schedule together. I’d love to hear how it went for you!

What kind of systems have you used in the past? Did you find success with it?

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  1. Sue says:

    Very inspiring! I like the time block schedule. Sounds like something I could benefit from.

    1. Lisa says:

      Thank you!

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